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All products are handmade, sustainable, and free of chemicals and preservatives, packaged in jars and bottles made of recycled products!

If you have any questions or concerns when it comes to your overall health or skin care do not hesitate to contact me through


I provide custom orders that are made to fit your personal needs.

MEET Jayme

I have been studying herbalism to create products that promote a better, healthier you, inside and out! The earth gives us everything we need to live healthy lives, so long as we know how to use it, which is why I created "The Restorative Tree".

It is important to me to provide you with high-quality products in a way that serves the health of both you and the earth! With this purpose in mind, all of the packaging for my products are made of recycled products and can be reused or recycled after finishing the product. You also have the option to return your empty jars and bottles to me. They will be cleaned and sanitized for reuse, either for a refill of your order or to provide the gift of nature's healing wonders to others! To return your empties, send them to the address below.

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return your empties
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